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If you have a product or service to sell online, we can connect you with the right prospects, at the right time. You will..

Reach "Sales Success" Faster, Save On Advertising Costs, And Get Extraordinary Returns Using Our Performance-Based Advertising.

If you are truly interested in making more sales online, you'll find that there is no better way than reaching extremely targeted consumers in your specific market using Hits4Pay's advertising portal website, 

It's free to signup for a Rent-A-List Advertiser account and you can be certain that your offers and advertisements will reach real people who have expressed interest in your product or service.

Pin-Point Your Target Audience And Reach The With Your Offers - The Easy Way!

Below are the targeted markets available for any marketer selling products and services online.

Reach Your Target Audience:
Reach Specific Demographics: 
Reach Specific Gender:
Reach Specific Age Group:


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Customer Reviews!

I highly recommend Rent-A-List to anyone interested in getting hits to their site which leads to increased revenue!
- Elischa

Rent-A-List delivers! Their unique tracking and targeted advertising really works. I saw results immediately - you can't do any better!
- Rose Clark, Owner 

I have been Very Happy with Rent-A-List advertising! I have gotten up to a 30% hits from the
60% opening rate and that's fantastic! The ROI so far has been 3 figures!
- Jason Ng, Owner 

I love what Rent-A-List has done for me. They have helped build my online business faster then I ever could with there email campaigns. I was qualified faster with there help. I now know I will retire early with their great products.
- Marvin Sykes

Rent-A-list is very simple to use and yet very professionally organized. I am particularly impressed with the results I always get from sponsorship of the, having used this facility with different and unrelated campaigns. The unique tracking feature allows one to follow all current multiple campaigns (e.g. banner adverting, email campaigns, sponsorship) with Rent-A-List from the same page. Its a super affordable service suitable for all online marketers.
- Mohinder Kalsi



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